Looking for content that inspires action, or need social media with a soul? It's time for your organization to get dependable, experienced help.


Hey there.

I’m Alicia Neubauer, a freelance writer and social media pro for hire who's ready to help. I add personality to your content by making it:

  • Compelling

  • Engaging

  • Creative

My high-quality content is search-engine and social media friendly, and it helps your company save time and resources.

I have plenty of experience in:

  • The digital marketing field — I've worked in social media for over 5 years

  • Blogging — I've written many pieces on a wide variety of topics

  • Other digital content and working with multiple CMSs including WordPress and Squarespace

I am also a pop culture-obsessed millennial living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have expert lots of working knowledge, personal interest, and experience in:

  • Social media and digital marketing

  • Food and recipes

  • Legal and law firms

  • HR and job recruiting

  • Interior design and architecture

  • Skincare and beauty

Why HIRE me?

I have a passionate, vibrant personality with a quick wit and a drive to take on any project. I've worked in agency and corporate environments, and understand how time is a commodity — like money, perhaps? I enjoy nailing deadlines and working with all kinds of business and personality types.

And above all else, I guarantee: you won't find a writer’s voice quite like mine.

I've written and managed social for big brands including:

  • Ford Motor Company

  • Cargill

  • Hormel

  • General Mills

  • Thomson Reuters

  • … and more!

My written content and social media strategy have been viewed and shared thousands of times across small and gigantic U.S. and international channels. I know how to handle a large viewership, as well as gain more views and click starting with a smaller audience.

If you and your business are looking for clicks and shares, I can help. It's an art to know how to reach and engage hundreds and thousands of people on social – I've mastered that art, and adapt to ever-changing strategies to continue to do so.

Alicia joined our team at a time when our social media presence was rapidly expanding, and we needed someone who could step in and herd all the cats. She did so gracefully, utilizing her understanding of our brand and her skills in graphic design to make the most of every opportunity.

What’s more, Alicia provided our online fans with prompt and positive information and interactions every single day.

Alicia is a quick study. She understands social media channels’ various audiences, and Alicia adapts her storytelling and messaging accordingly.
— Kate O'Hara, Director of Marketing & Business Development, O'Hara Interiors

What i've Achieved

  • Established multiple social media channels for brands new to social

  • Grew follow counts from the ground up, or doubled followers within months, not years

  • Organized communication plans and calendars to ensure clear and impactful posts and blogs

  • Wrote blogs and social ads to draw in new fans and convert them to clients

  • Led social campaigns for multiple campaigns that provided leads for a fraction of traditional print ads costs