I got laid off yesterday.

Those are pretty hard words to write and admit to myself, but it's true: after 9 months and finally starting to feel at home, Red Circle had to let me and several others go. They lost a big client, the client whose signing-on created a job for me. So, I go. So it goes.

I haven't been laid off since my very mutual exit from Creative Circle (I'm really into circles, okay?!) in 2013. Recruiting just wasn't for me, so this one stings a lot more since I KNOW social really is for me.

But, as many Millennials have to be, I'm quite resilient. And I'm learning I've made a pretty amazing (and helpful) network of friends and former colleagues that want to see me do my best. I know I'll be back on my feet in no time; this may be a great time to think and reassess where I want to go.

For the longest time, I've wanted to start a freelance business. Hell, this website was created almost a year ago to help me realize that. While I'd love to work at an agency or in-house again, could this be the time I step off the path and forge my own? Sounds pretty amazing, honestly. We'll see!

In the meantime, I'm going to lay out my skills/qualifications. You know, for ... fun.

[Fun = hiring. Yeahhh.]

Alicia Neubauer, Digital Copywriter & Social Media Strategist for hire in Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • 3+ years of experience in digital marketing, concentrated primarily on social media
  • Worked with clients including: Ford Motor Company, Stormy Kromer, General Mills, Ramada Plaza, Grand Casino Minnesota, Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, Once Upon a Child, Plato's Closet, Zantigo, and more
  • Social content calendars, page post contests and contests through Woobox/Shortstack, social community management including crisis management, creating and optimizing ads for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Marketing experience with: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+/Pages, Foursquare/Swarm, Pinterest, Google+
  • Social tools used: Facebook Ads Manager, Power Editor, Insights, and Business Manager; Twitter Analytics and Ads, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Raventools, Radian6, Woobox, Shortstack
  • Other computery goodness: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator; Workfront, Basecamp, Toggl, Harvest, Dropbox
  • Other cool stuff I can do:
    • Photography for social channels
    • Graphic design: mostly for social, but have done print (marketing collateral, invitations, etc.)
    • Adhering and balancing complicated ad budgets
    • Curating content to repost
    • Website content strategy
    • Some working SEO knowledge
    • Copywriting for basically anything online
    • Cracking terrible dad-jokes


The hardest post.

Sometimes, I totally whine about not knowing how to write the copy on a particular post, or that I get stuck and can't think of a really amazing idea for a post for one of my clients. Or that despite my best efforts, a post of mine just didn't get the amazing reach I'd expected.

And then there are instances where you have to do the unthinkable: announce the death of one of your clients.

Currently, I'm working with a small, family-owned business that was run by three siblings. Absolutely amazing people, and a fun business that's respected in the community in which they're situated. I've only had this account, after taking over for someone who got promoted, for about 5 months, and had just started to really take the reigns and dig in while getting to know these three great people.

But I knew that one of the sisters had battled cancer, beat it, and it had come back. And that she was going through chemo yet again. And it just wasn't doing what everyone had hoped it would.

But last time I saw her, about a month ago, all I remember is her smiling face, her soft voice, and her laugh. I remember her cracking a great joke and winking at me, and I remember feeling like Kim was such a funny, wonderful person that I looked forward to seeing again at our next recap.

Unfortunately, that next recap won't happen with her. And that breaks my heart.

So this morning my Account guy and myself had to brainstorm and write the most difficult post I've ever had to write. How do you properly express what this person meant to so many people? What they accomplished? Who they really were? Luckily, her siblings had wonderful suggestions, and we were able to put together something that really felt that in a small way, it encapsulated who this woman was.

I just posted it about 15 minutes ago, tears in my eyes, hoping that in some way, Kim feels all the love for her and support for her family that will surely roll in. Because she deserves ALL of it.

Have you ever had to write a post letting social media fans know about a loss of a client or a co-worker? Let me know in the comments.

Oh, Claire.

Hey all! I've been itching to find interesting life happenings and cool Internetty things to post about, but I've been too busy to make the time for it.

... That is, until coming back from the Eaux Claires festival this past weekend in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where I spent five glorious years as a student at UW-Eau Claire (shoutout to the Journalism and Art History departments – thanks for all the homework)! Such an amazing weekend that I just had to A) Brag that I was there, and B) Give myself an excuse to post a few photos.


We got a late start, as my boyfriend Pat was a late addition to the party as of Wednesday, and we had to wait for him to wrap up work to head out of town. By the way, can this road construction be done yet?! It took me nearly 45 minutes to JUST get on 94 West from Uptown when I went to pick him up. Ugh.

Anyway, we arrived (after a LONG drive, a last-minute taxi ride, and a StubHub ticket snafu, which was eventually fixed nicely by a phone call to their badass customer service department) at about 8:00, just in time to catch a little Tallest Man on Earth and ... The National! I'd never seen them before (shockingly), and it was my MISSION to make it on time to at least see them. What a beautiful show. Nothing but chills the whole time.

Additionally, I got to catch shows from Lizzo (QUEEN!), Marijuana Deathsquads (one of my absolute favorite live acts), Melt-Banana (whoa!), Poliça (cute pregnant Channy), Indigo Girls (still sound amazing), Sufjan Stevens (melting hearts the whole time), Sylvan Esso (just a big ol' dance party, as per usual), and of course Bon Iver (phenomenal doesn't even do it justice). A lot of collaborations and surprise guests made every performance all the more special, and there wasn't a single act I saw that I thought could've sounded any better.

These three like to stick to a music fest schedule.

These three like to stick to a music fest schedule.

The real sign that this festival was nearly perfect: while I was in line for water, Pat was waiting off to the side, and a security guard recognized his MPLS streets shirt. After chatting a little about both being from there, he told pat, "Man ... 20,000 people over two days, and you know what? Not even one arrest. This is the best music festival I've ever worked at, and I've worked a LOT."

Minus drunken morons while we waited for the shuttle to come and take us back to Water Street, I can't even say I saw anyone behaving badly, like pushing, shoving, verbal or physical fights, littering, or anything else. I think part of it was that the crowd was there for MUSIC, not strictly to party and get obnoxious. Apparently Justin Vernon knows how to throw a (civilized) party.

Can't wait for next year! We may be ... dare I say it ... CAMPING.

Bienvenue, mes amis.

Hello, friend!

If you've come to my website looking for fascinating blog posts ... you're going to have to wait a tick. I'll have lots of fun stuff coming this summer, so keep your eyes peeled and check back soon!

- Alicia