The hardest post.

Sometimes, I totally whine about not knowing how to write the copy on a particular post, or that I get stuck and can't think of a really amazing idea for a post for one of my clients. Or that despite my best efforts, a post of mine just didn't get the amazing reach I'd expected.

And then there are instances where you have to do the unthinkable: announce the death of one of your clients.

Currently, I'm working with a small, family-owned business that was run by three siblings. Absolutely amazing people, and a fun business that's respected in the community in which they're situated. I've only had this account, after taking over for someone who got promoted, for about 5 months, and had just started to really take the reigns and dig in while getting to know these three great people.

But I knew that one of the sisters had battled cancer, beat it, and it had come back. And that she was going through chemo yet again. And it just wasn't doing what everyone had hoped it would.

But last time I saw her, about a month ago, all I remember is her smiling face, her soft voice, and her laugh. I remember her cracking a great joke and winking at me, and I remember feeling like Kim was such a funny, wonderful person that I looked forward to seeing again at our next recap.

Unfortunately, that next recap won't happen with her. And that breaks my heart.

So this morning my Account guy and myself had to brainstorm and write the most difficult post I've ever had to write. How do you properly express what this person meant to so many people? What they accomplished? Who they really were? Luckily, her siblings had wonderful suggestions, and we were able to put together something that really felt that in a small way, it encapsulated who this woman was.

I just posted it about 15 minutes ago, tears in my eyes, hoping that in some way, Kim feels all the love for her and support for her family that will surely roll in. Because she deserves ALL of it.

Have you ever had to write a post letting social media fans know about a loss of a client or a co-worker? Let me know in the comments.