Whoa, girl. What's happening?

Hey, reader! If you've known me for any period of time before this fall, you'd know that I'd devoted the past few years of my career to social media.

I've been a social media strategist or specialist in Minneapolis off and on (mostly on) since about 2011. I've worked with several well-known agencies including The Social Lights, Spyder Trap, and Red Circle Agency; some smaller ones; and in-house as a contractor at companies like Cargill, Thomson Reuters/FindLaw, and O'Hara Interiors. I've seemingly been racking up two new workplaces per year. It's been a RIDE, I suppose, watching me try something new or get laid off or get scouted for a new gig. But it's always been social media (even if I briefly was a recruiter — briefly).

So what's with this "proofreading" nonsense?!

Well ... I'm 31, unemployed not by choice since August, and I have bills to pay. I've gone through interview after interview, networked, asked my parents for advice, binged Netflix while crying and eating, and considered running away forever to braid hair on the beach somewhere down south. I'm tired of feeling like I've tried every shop here in town. I'm tired of interviewing and making it to the final round and hearing crickets. I"m tired of doubting my abilities and feeling like no one is going to accept me as I am.

So, I decided to evolve a bit and gain a new skill to make myself more marketable. And ideally, at the same time, being able to start my own business. I've flirted with the idea of freelancing for years (and did it briefly but memorably with The Social Lights), and I truly believe this is the time in my life where I need to do it.

I've been taking the General Proofreading training by Caitlin Pyle of ProofreadAnywhere for the past month. Sure, it's not an official certificate from an accredited university or anything, but I did already go to school for journalism and took a million classes in grammar and mechanics. So. Brushing up is a good idea. And although it's been a significant monetary and time investment, I'm nearing the end, and feel like I've gained skills for life.

So in addition to my social media skills, I'm willing to offer professional services on the freelance level now including proofreading. And after doing a bit of a skills inventory over the past four months, I've also added my content writing skills to the mix, hoping to continue to write blogs and other digital content keeping SEO in mind. I found another training for this, albeit less in-depth (and less expensive) by Yuwanda Black, which I've been powering through over the past two days. 

So ... yeah. That's what I've been up to for almost exactly four months. I mean, other than watching every single episode of "The Great British Bake Off," but that was just in the background while I honed my skills. Maybe.

Okay, hire me! Okay, bye!