About Alicia

About Alicia

I think — as far as my memory serves me — it all began with frustration. Me, a five-year-old kindergartener at play with classmates. A friend who asked me to read with her. Another kindergartener asking at the same time, "you can read, right?" At the time, I couldn't, and that moment of feeling like I was left behind pushed me to learn to read as soon as I possibly could. I ended up devouring every book in our house — even the ones my three older brothers cast off as too boring or too hard.

Then came writing.

I found myself in the principal's office. Not for misbehaving (I was a total nerd who always followed the rules — ALWAYS), but to read the two books I'd slapped together and illustrated, you know, in my free time ... in between learning ... because I was bored. My teacher and principal loved them, and sent me to the other kindergarten class to read my stories to them. I was hooked.

I powered through books, writing assignments, and English classes through the rest of my schooling. I laughed in the face of comma splices, embraced the semicolon like a best friend, and proudly handed in each exam, article, and presentation. I knew I wanted to do this for life, so I went to UWEC to take on their amazing journalism program.

I went from coasting through classes to struggling to keep on top of everything. Journalism was hard, and it made me wonder if that was the kind of writing I really did want to do forever. With a new degree in hand and eyes on internship programs, I found out that Twitter was taking up most of my time and attention. So, I figured I could write for social media. Easy enough, right?

I went from writing blog content to live-tweeting Minnesota congressional sessions to editing secret shoppers' secret reports. I moved on to become an actual social media pro who wished to primarily focus on writing content. After jumping from ad agency to small company to startup to agency to huge corporations, I wasn't sure where I fit in and what I wanted to do. Was I a writer? A marketer? Both?

After struggling to find the motivation to go back to social media full-time, I've made the decision to pursue freelancing. So here I am, honing my writing, SEO, and proofreading skills on top of learning how to help smaller businesses with my social media skills. I'm open to new clients right away — reach out anytime, and I'd love to talk to you about your project. Contact me via the form below!

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